Pyrenees National Park Project

Pyrenees National Park Project

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RAE, Pierre et Terre


Against the backdrop of an effort to reduce the impact of its mountain refuges on the environment, the Pyrenees National Park has adopted a series of measures aimed at transforming the Ayous Refuge into a showcase for environmental solutions. As regards wastewater management, the dry toilet alternative is being envisaged as a means of decreasing the volume of wastewater and water consumed onsite, in addition to reducing the pollutant load of water channeled for treatment. This separation at the source would offer the opportunity to advance the design of the wastewater treatment sequence. As for optimally sizing the sanitation system to accommodate treating domestic wastewater internally, it is essential to know the system characteristics, in terms of both volume and pollutant load, specifically for mountain refuges. In order to minimize the impacts of water discharged at the center of the park, the infiltration of treated wastewater has also been addressed.
This project is intended to provide: i) a better grasp of water flows for the special case of the Ayous Region, in the aim of accurately characterizing the pollutant load corresponding exclusively to domestic wastewater; ii) a well-adapted design of plant-based filters used in a high mountain setting; and iii) an effective way of tracking the performance of such a treatment strategy as well as assessing the treated wastewater infiltration technique.



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