PlanteDefi database


Coordinator :

Nicolas Forquet

Active period :

Depuis 2017

Partners :


Summary :


The “National Dynamic Platform for Evaluating Plant-based Filters”, called “PlanteDéfi”, is an application for handling 24-hour datasets in evaluating treatment plant operations throughout metropolitan France. This project was developed by the INRAE Institute as part of a call for projects in support of INRAE’s 2014 effort to develop its scientific information systems (APSIS14). The database was created between 2015 and 2017 by means of integrating all data collected by the Institute since 2001, along with the data held by SATESE in its collaborations with INRAE covering numerous studies.

As of 2018, the database has been made available to all actors within the Epnac network, as well as to SATESE staff members, water authorities and France’s Water Resources Management Agencies, all of whom are now empowered to upload and consult monitoring data (round-the-clock evaluations) and detailed designs of the facilities located within their jurisdiction. As part of the EVEREX project (which stands for Plant-based Treatment - Feedback, financed by the French Office of Biodiversity), each member of the trade group representing such techniques has the ability to enter and consult high-precision data solely on its own reed filtration installations. These data elements encompass design, construction and operations. National-level data are anonymized, non-confidential and accessible to the public.

Plante Défi has thus integrated performance-related data along with highly detailed design data covering each treatment step.

Data available on the “Plante Défi” platform:

  • Currently, data on 3,555 individual plants have been recorded.
  • 2,649 facilities (75% of the total) offer no information on the type of associated treatment process.
  • A total of 1,745 24-hour evaluations have been referenced, associated with 397 plants.




Objectives of the Plante Défi platform:

  • Organize the uploaded information into cogent datasets
  • Enable consulting data at both the national and local levels
  • Compare performance across sectors or design types
  • Make use the integrated set of statistical and graphical tools.

Functionalities associated with Plante Défi

  • Sorting by sector (design, operations)
  • Data compilation (performance-based)
  • Database queries
  • Comparisons / analyses run using graphical tools.







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