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French Office of Biodiversity (OFB): 56.6%
INRAE: 43.4%




The development of sanitation infrastructure in France’s overseas territories (Martinique, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Reunion Island) has been overseen by a research partnership between the OFB and INRAE’s REVERSAAL unit since 2008. The work conducted as part of this initiative has served to adapt treatment wetland to a tropical context ( New research priorities have been targeted over the 2022-2024 period for the purpose of accompanying smaller and medium-sized municipal authorities within these overseas departments in implementing urban water management strategies (both wastewater and stormwater) that are more relevant to the local context.


·    Develop a GIS tool to assist decision-makers with regard to centralization / decentralization issues
·    Assess the impact of a tropical context on nature based solutions (NBS)  for managing stormwater at the source: provide a state-of-the-art report on existing NBS across the various territories and compile feedback so as to draw conclusions on the local constraints induced by tropical climate
·    Initiate stormwater management NBS demonstration sites in  tropical climate,  with suitable metrology, in order to specify and validate the proposed set of adaptations.
·    Issue a state-of-the-art assessment among all overseas French territories on disposal techniques for both sludge and septage, and produce a pilot facility of sludge treatment NBS
·    Accompany and advise smaller and medium-sized municipal authorities in these territories regarding their urban water management projects.


In concert with the partner local authorities in France’s overseas territories (Water Agencies, DEAL), this research is being conducted by theme, i.e.: GIS tools, stormwater management at the source, sludge management. The part relative to GIS is jointly performed by the TONIC and CARIBSAN projects as well.

Anticipated benefits:

·    Appropriation of the GIS tool developed by local actors
·    Improved knowledge of the impact of tropical climate on NBS for managing stormwater at the source
·    Subsequent adaptation of technologies for managing stormwater at the source in a tropical setting
·    Mobilization of local actors around the topic of managing stormwater at the source
·    A better understanding of the sludge handling sector in France’s overseas territories.

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